Let’s Make a Deal!

Let’s Make a Deal!

Have you ever made a deal with God? “Dear God, if you let me pass this algebra test, I will say three rosaries.” “Dear God, if I give up this for Lent, will you…..?”

We are all tempted to make deals with God trying to swing his will in certain situations to our liking. We offer God a tempting behavior on our part if He would only see His Divine Providence fall our way.

Previously we saw prayer as growing into a position of trust. Our prayers shape us into a mindset of surrender to God’s will, not trying to pelt God with our wants, desires, and needs. Those are already taken care for in the Big Plan.

So how do we move from a position of pleading with and bartering with God to one of trust and surrender?

In my book, “G-vites ~ Everyday Invitations From God”, I offer my “Prayer of Surrender” for you to use. It is based on 4-evers: whatever, however, whenever, and forever.

Whatever – Lord, whatever your wish is my command. Whatever you want me to do, I accept. I say, “Yes, Coach, put me in.” Bring on the people you want me to love, the situations you want me to take on, and the lessons you want me to learn. Whatever!

However – However you choose to solve my problems, I accept your way. I know that you have the Bigger Picture that puts what is happening to me daily in a much more comprehensive life perspective. I know it works out for the best, the way that it is meant to be. However!

Whenever – Lord, whenever you choose to answer my prayers, I accept your time schedule. I know that all prayers are answered on DST, Divine Standard Time. I will relax knowing that you have control of the clock. Whenever!

Forever – Lord I am forever grateful for the many blessings that surround me every day. The music I hear, the water that I drink, the sunlight the fills my days, and the friends who surround me with love. I will live each minute in gratitude. Forever!

Let’s remember this 4-ever prayer as we toss the deal making approach to God.

Jesus told us to pray to God as little children:

“Dear God,

If you watch in Church on Sunday, I will show you my new shoes.

Love Mickey D.”

God’s still smiling!

As God’s treasured children we will be loved and cared for. Never doubt it…..

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