Have a Good Day?

Have a Good Day?

As we run about our busy schedule we casually greet people, “Hi”, “Good to see you”, “Have a good day” or some upbeat message to acknowledge them or brighten someone’s day.

But as we all know, life is tough and the “good” is sometimes not that apparent. But it is important to remember this:

Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.

But how do we find the good in each and every day when bad things do happen  – to good people – all the time?

Our answer is lurking in what was common knowledge in Jesus’ time, namely that shepherds and their sheep knew each other well and were bonded closely.  And when the shepherd called, the sheep heard a familiar voice they knew they could trust so they didn’t hang back.

That’s the key for us – the bond of trust that helps us hear God’s voice from the inside, no matter what is going on outside; the bond of trust that helps us hear all he is saying to us – words of comfort, congratulations or challenge.

Developing that bond of trust tells us that it’s safe to believe and to act on what he tells us because experience has taught us that he loves us even more than we love ourselves.

With that bond of trust we have the confidence and the energy to overcome our natural and legitimate fears of all sorts, and it gives us hope to take the risks we have to take to become our best selves.

We feel loved knowing that God is reaching out to us even on the darkest days in the smallest ways. Hear his voice.

God does not promise to insulate us or immunize us from pain or disaster. Lightning does strike good and some of the nicest people on earth.

But when we are truly connected to the Lord, we will hear his voice deep on the inside us, and nothing can bring us down, no sadness can destroy us or take away our deep rooted joy.

“Stay connected with me,” Jesus is saying, “ and hear my voice inside you. Even in the face of disaster you can find the ‘good’ in each day.”

“ Be happy for no reason, like a child. If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble because that reason can be taken away.” Deepak Chopra

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