Formula For a Life of Happiness

Formula For a Life of Happiness

Do you get confused with the pressures of everyday life – family responsibilities, work overload, social obligations, and the growing worldly tensions? Many times I feel my head spinning. Numerous factors pull us away from our real purpose of this earthly journey.

Sometimes we just don’t “get it”! How often do we have the best of intentions to have a wonderful day or meaningful life, and before we know it we have gotten lost, distracted, or confused and end up bungling the job.

God knows this about us. Without God’s help we are never going to get the point of life, never going to “get it together”. But God is never going to leave us floundering. To make sure that we don’t miss the point of this life, God gave us the teachings of Jesus to use as our foundation, the “never-fail principle”.

  His whole teaching boils down to two points.

First if you want to be happy, love your neighbor as you love yourself. It’s the only way of living that brings happiness and ensures that we “get it” the real meaning of “why” we are here.

This seems like a paradox: we get a life by giving life. We get love and happiness by loving others and reaching out to make others happy. This is the true and lasting happiness that doesn’t leave us, even in the face of trail and tragedy.  

The second point is that if we want to be happy, and are willing to do all the tough things that real love requires, we have to stay connected to God, the source of power.

When are hearts are tied closely to heaven and when we walk with God day by day, we get the energy we need for loving and we get it without fail. If we fail in this connection, we are like burned-out light blubs – no light and no heat.

So when the world is spinning around let’s remember to stick close to the Lord and have the energy to love without counting the cost.

If we remember this, the “Great Commandment”, we are assured that we won’t waste this precious life’s journey, looking for love in “all the wrong places”. We will find happiness in this life and the next. We have God’s word on that!

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